Closure of Charbridge Lane

Charbridge lane

You will be aware of the closure of Charbridge Lane from Monday 17 October until Friday 17 December.  The work is to construct the new tie in to the roundabout, complete part of the bridge slip road and enable the diversion of the road onto the new bridge.

The closure will be from Charbridge Way up to Launton roundabout.  All access to the distribution centre will be maintained as will access to Langford Village.  Work will be kept to a strict timetable as there are a number of other works in the area which will need to commence after:

New Pioneer Road roundabout

Ploughley Road realignments/signalisation (March 22)

Banbury Road roundabout signalisation (expected Apr 22)

Howes Lane realignment (expected Aug 22)

Whilst Charbridge Lane is closed traffic in the Bicester area will no doubt be quite congested, with limited roads available, it is inevitable.  I anticipate the worst impact will be during the first week whilst people find alternative routes.  All non emergency work during the day time will be suspended on the main road network to enable as much flow through the rest of town as possible.  Some additional signs will be put out, including one ‘unsuitable for diverted traffic’ on Bicester Road Launton junction.

HGV traffic is being encouraged to use the A43/M40 whilst the main diversion will be around the ring road via Vendee Drive for all other traffic.

If you receive any queries from the public they can be given the EWR helpline number of 03457 11 41 41 or  You may contact me if you need any assistance or further details.

Author: Graham

Bicester Chamber