Himley Village confirmed for construction by Cherwell District Council

Last Thursday, in a unanimous decision from Cherwell District Council Planning Committee, the production of seventeen hundred houses on the Eco Village, North-west Bicester, was approved.

A meeting led by Barry Wood, of the council planning committee, was held in the Bodicote council office on the 16th of March. The new plot development will be called Himley Village after the Himley Farm land it will be built on.

Five hundred eco-houses are to be built, initially, as the first phase of the modular houses. This also includes a new primary school, hotel, pub, and commercial area in order to accommodate the growing population. The construction programme will be supplied by an off-site construction factory in the Bicester area.

The first phase was given the go-ahead because the southern area, located between Howes Lane (east) and B4030 (south), is accessed separately from the planned tunnel construction and road expansion on Bucknell Road.

Lynn Pratt, Cherwell District Councillor & Member of Planning Committee, comments, Outline Planning permission was passed at the Planning Meeting at Cherwell District Council on Thursday 16th March 2017 for the first phase of the Himley Village Development. This permission allowed for no more than 500 houses to be built until the road and rail improvements had been carried out. This development should bring with it jobs to the town as the houses are built in modular form in a factory which it is hoped will be located in Bicester.”

See planning application summary, and development map here

Bicester Chamber