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Bicester Chamber Past & Present

In our last article, we started to look at the purpose and relevance of a local Chamber of Commerce in a small town such as Bicester and the surrounding area.

Looking back over the years the Chamber has been central to securing a number of positive outcomes for the local business community including:

To bring this up to date; much of the work the Chamber does is ‘behind the scenes’, perhaps intangible and delivers to benefits to members and non-members in equal measure. Without this activity ,we are certain the businesses of Bicester and the surrounding area would have a much less noticeable and almost inaudible voice. So, if for no other reason this alone stands as the ‘why’ local businesses should be Chamber members – it is through having an adequate ‘volume’ of members that the Chamber has an clear, loud, and distinct voice that is respected and taken seriously when dealing with local government, unitary bodies and so forth.

We would welcome enquiries to join and help us in being the consistent and constant voice for businesses in the town.

Peter Cox – Chairman Bicester Chamber

Author: Graeme

Bicester Chamber