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Are you Chamber Aware?


Bicester Chamber of Commerce is the longest standing organisation providing a voice for the businesses of the town and surrounding villages. The Chamber has and remains central to a number of strategic bodies that have an influence on the town and those businesses that operate within it. These include, but are not limited to:

Bicester Strategic Development Board – meets regularly throughout the year in Bicester. The Chamber is one of just two non-government organisation voices currently around the table.
Cherwell Local Strategic Partnership – meets in Banbury around four times per year. The Chamber is usually one of only two solely Bicester focussed presences around the table.

Bicester Vision – The Chamber is one of the original seven board level partners for Bicester Vision and was instrumental in its being brought about as a result of feedback at a Bicester Business Breakfast Club in 2007, then run by the Chamber and now supported by the Chamber and run as the Wednesday Business Club Open Breakfast.

Traffic Advisory Committee – Hosted by the Town Council in the Council Chambers the Chamber has long held a seat where it is able to comment on and offer feedback related to the challenges of managing traffic flow in and around the town.

Over the years the Chamber has and continues to, contribute to and comment on consultations run by local government and other locally influential bodies. Among these have been:

We have an active social media presence, with a Facebook Page and a Twitter account which are both used to share information on:

The Chamber has also historically provided community support including to local schools through careers events, supporting work experience placements and, in their early years, sponsorship of Radio Bicester.


The above is just a taste of how the Chamber has worked hard on behalf of the local business community for many, many years. The frequency and intensity of the Chamber’s activities naturally peak and trough due to its reliance solely on volunteers, who also have their own businesses to run. In recent years the delivery of ‘physical’ events and/or activities has had to be stepped back due to the required time commitment to plan, organise and then deliver these, coupled with having fewer active members able spare the time to undertake such elements. Instead, the Chamber have opted in favour of having a greater impact through participating in strategic areas with direct business impact and using virtual resources, such as social media, as described above. This, of course, has also included our regular columns here in the Bicester Advertiser.

We would welcome enquiries to join and help us in being the consistent and constant voice for businesses in the town.


Peter Cox – Chairman Bicester Chamber

Author: Graeme

Bicester Chamber